Varthur Santhosh Marriage: I’ll look after her like a queen


Varthur Santosh on the Bigg boss set revealed that he had said “I’ll look after you like a queen”, but was asked to go outside the gate

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 10 Episode: In a surprising revelation, Santosh, a participant in the competition, declared that he hasn’t married yet. Subsequently, photos and videos of his wedding went viral on social media. Now, Santosh has broken his silence on the marriage issue for the first time. He discusses why his marital status was previously undisclosed and addresses the misunderstandings.

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  • Santosh from ‘Bigg Boss Kannada Season 10’ opens up about his marriage.
  • Reveals the truth behind being married to Varthuru Santosh.
  • Explains the reasons for keeping the marriage a secret.
  • Santosh assures that he has given his daughter in marriage to Varthuru Santosh.
  • Varthuru Santosh asserts he never went to his wife’s place after saying he is single.
  • Clarifies the allegations made by his mother-in-law regarding deceit and fraud.

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When Varthuru Santosh visited the Bigg Boss house, he initially claimed to be single. Later, when asked about his marriage again, he expressed confusion and stated that he didn’t know what to say. Varthuru Santosh has now revealed the reasons behind his initial silence on the marriage matter.

What did Varthuru Santosh clarify about the marriage?

“I need to say what’s in Varthuru Santosh’s mind. I had told my grandfather that I would marry the girl you have chosen for me. Just like that, I got married. Later, my wife insulted my mother. She asked me to choose between her and my mother. I said I can’t leave my mother and asked her to leave. After that, I haven’t been to her place. Whatever issues she has, let her say. I have stood by my words. If she comes out of the gate, let her go. That’s wh at I told her. After saying that, today I’m standing here,” said Varthuru Santosh about his marriage in the Bigg Boss Kannada Season 10 house.

What did Varthuru Santosh’s family say about marriage?

“Varthuru Santosh should stay at his grandfather’s house. He should leave my daughter there and live there. That’s what they said. He hadn’t come here for two years, and now suddenly he has come. It’s a conspiracy. If he had done all this, he wouldn’t have earned it. Santosh’s wife was brought to our house by Varthuru’s family members. Even now, they haven’t told us anything. They told us he had gone to a foreign country for work. They alleged that Santosh is an addict and has gone to rehab. These are all lies. If what I am saying is not true, then let Santosh’s father come and tell us,” said Varthuru Santosh’s father-in-law while making serious allegations.

What did Varthuru Santosh clarify about the accusations?

“Whatever Varthuru Santosh is saying is not true. I told Santosh that he had married my daughter. You have to bear it. Just like that, he has married. After that, my daughter disrespected my mother. She took a knife and tried to attack. My daughter has given birth to a girl. Even after two years, he hasn’t come to see her,” said Varthuru Santosh’s mother-in-law, making some shocking allegations.

Varthuru Santosh and Priyanka provide clarity on the allegations made by Varthuru’s family…

Santosh has given a clear statement about the situation in Varthuru Santosh’s house. Varthuru Santosh’s father-in-law had shown an album of his daughter’s marriage in front of the media and said, “Varthuru Santosh is married to my daughter. We have been witnesses to this. I gave my daughter to him. What Santosh’s father is saying is wrong.” Santosh has clarified, saying, “I have married his daughter. I have not deceived her. I haven’t gone to see the child that was born. The allegations are all false.”