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Karthik Bigg Boss Season 10 Wiki

Karthik Mahesh (Bigg boss Kannada 10) Wiki, Bio, Family

Explore Karthik Mahesh's journey from Bengaluru to stardom, his notable roles in television, transition to movies, and personal milestones.

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Karthik Mahesh, the talented Indian actor and model, has been making waves in the Kannada and Telugu television industry with his remarkable performances. Born and raised in Bengaluru, Karnataka, Karthik’s journey from modeling to becoming a beloved television and film actor is truly inspiring.

Karthik Mahesh: A Rising Star in the World of Kannada Television and Cinema

Early Life and Education:

Karthik Mahesh hails from the cultural city of Mysore and completed his B.Sc from Maharaja College, Mysore. Driven by his childhood dream of becoming an actor, he later moved to Bangalore to pursue a career in modeling. Despite facing challenges and setbacks, his determination led him to the world of television.

Television Career:

Karthik Mahesh realized his childhood dream of acting by making his television debut in 2015 with the serial “Khushi,” where he played the role of Vishnuvardhan on Star Suvarna. Over the years, he has showcased his talent in various serials, including “Akka,” “Inti Nimma Asha,” “Devayani,” and “Mahakali.” However, it was his portrayal of Chandru in the Zee Kannada serial “Puttakkana Makkalu” that brought him immense popularity. His contribution to the show, alongside talented actors like Umashree, Sanjana Burli, and Manju Bhasini, earned him recognition and acclaim.

Karthik continued to captivate audiences with his roles in subsequent serials like “Antarapata,” where he portrayed the character ‘Ravi.’ His dedication to his craft and versatility as an actor have made him a sought-after talent in the television industry.

Karthik Mahesh

Film Debut – “Dollu”:

Stepping into the world of cinema, Karthik Mahesh made his film debut with “Dollu” in 2022, playing the character Bhadra. Directed by Sunil Puranik and produced by Sagar Puranik, the film showcased Karthik’s acting prowess, earning the 68th Best Kannada Regional Award in the same year. Notably, Karthik dedicated himself to learning Dollu Badiyo for the role, demonstrating his commitment to bringing authenticity to his characters.

Personal Life:

Karthik Mahesh, born on 7th October, is a Libra by zodiac sign. While details about his age remain undisclosed, he maintains strong roots in Mysore, Karnataka. Tragically, his father, whose name remains unknown, passed away in 2021. He shares a close bond with his sister, Tejaswini Mahesh.

Karthik Mahesh

Physical Stats & Appearance

Height: 180 cm (5’ 11”)
Eye Colour: Black
Hair Colour: Black

Debut and Career Milestones

Debut in television with Khushi in 2015 and first film, Dollu, in 2022. Significant milestones in his career.

Personal Life

Date of Birth: 7 October
Age: Not Known
Birthplace: Mysore, Karnataka
Zodiac sign: Libra
Nationality: Indian
Hometown: Mysore
Karthik Personal Life information

Relationships and Marital Status

Marital Status: Unmarried
Family: Deceased father (2021), Mother – Name Not Known, Sister – Tejaswini Mahesh
Karthik Relationships

Notable Television Serials

Roles in Puttakkana Makkalu, Akka, Inti Nimma Asha, Devayani, Mahakali, and Raji.
Karthik Television Series

Transition to Movies

Venture into cinema, notably in the award-winning movie ‘Dollu,’ directed by Sunil Puranik.
Karthik Movies

Karthik Mahesh Movie Trailer

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In the dynamic world of Kannada television and cinema, Karthik Mahesh stands out as a versatile actor with an impressive journey from modeling to becoming a celebrated name on both the small and big screens. With his dedication, talent, and commitment to authenticity, Karthik continues to leave a lasting impact on audiences, promising more stellar performances in the years to come.

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