Adiyogi Statue: Everything You Need To Know


Adiyogi – the first yogi – is celebrated through India’s iconic 72-foot Adiyogi statue. Built to commemorate a remarkable story, this awe-inspiring structure serves as an inspirational reminder of the values and legacy of Adiyogi and his Hindu symbolism. Uncover what lies behind this powerful image with this comprehensive guide!

What is the Adiyogi statue?

The Adiyogi statue is a 72-foot tall Shiva sculpture located at the Isha Yoga center in Coimbatore, India. It was inaugurated by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2017 and is dedicated to Adiyogi, the first yogi and incarnation of Lord Shiva. With a unique blend of architecture, technology and spirituality, it stands as an imposing reminder of the power of yoga and its spiritual symbolism which transcends religion, culture and tradition.

Who Built the Adiyogi Statue?

The Adiyogi statue was designed and built by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev and a team of 50 engineers, in collaboration with renowned Indian sculptor Ram Vanji Sutar. The enormous structure is made of reinforced cement concrete and weighs 1,500 tons. It took 5 months to complete the construction of the Adiyogi Statue. The exterior features intricate stone carvings reflecting its spiritual symbolism, while the interior contains 108 lamps lit during special ceremonies.

What is the Symbolism of the Adiyogi Statue?

The Adiyogi statue is said to embody the purification of mind, body and spirit that yoga brings and highlight the idea that everyone (not just practitioners) can benefit from yoga. In Hindu culture it is known as “the Yogi of yogis” and the body position represents his complete mastery over himself and the universe. The hand gestures represent universality, one pointing at the ground to say ‘you are here’ and one pointing up towards heaven signifying our spiritual nature. Finally, seven faces signify seven basic emotions as well as cosmic energy.

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How Was The Adiyogi Statue Built?

The Adiyogi statue was built by a team of sculptors, engineers, and fabricators in India, led by renowned artist Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. The powerful structure is composed of over 6,000 pieces welded together, crafted with the help of digital technology and 3D-printing techniques. The entire process took over 8 months to complete. The life-like bronze sculpture stands as a symbol of inner transformation, paying homage to the first yogi – Adiyogi Shiva.

Where Is The Adiyogi Statue Located?

The Adiyogi statue is located at the Isha Yoga Center in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. The bronze structure stands 72 feet tall and is visible from miles away. This awe-inspiring statue has been featured on television around the world and has become a must-see destination for spiritual pilgrims.

Is the Adiyogi Statue also located in Karnataka, Chikkaballapur?

Both tourists and spiritual aspirants should visit the Adiyogi Shiva statue, often referred to as the “Adiyogi Alayam.” The statue of Adiyogi, the original yogi, stands 112 feet tall near to the Coorg area of Karnataka, India, and is a source of inspiration and spiritual enlightenment. The Adiyogi statue in Karnataka is now open to all the visitors. For all the latest events and happenings at the Adiyogi Statue , you can check out their official website mentioned below.

For those from other states looking to visit the Adiyogi statue in chikkaballapur , the nearest airport is the Mangalore International Airport, which is about 130km away. The statue is open to visitors daily and offers a beautiful view of the surrounding area.

People from all over the world travel to the Adiyogi statue not just as a popular tourist site but also as a place of worship. It is regarded as a representation of harmony and universal human values. The depths of one’s own awareness can be explored there as well as a location of learning and self-discovery.

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