A Look at the Cultural differences Between India and Germany


Explore the distinct cultural and philosophical differences between India and Germany. Dive deep into this comparison to gain a better understanding of both countries’ identities.

Cultural differences between India and Germany:

Let’s break down the main difference between the two countries into sub-highlighted points to help you understand the cultural differences more easily:

Being on time: If you agreed to meet at 10 AM. Expect the Germans to be there at least 5 minutes earlier. You don’t need to remind them or even get their approval once you have informed them.

Work Culture: The German work ethic assumes that deadlines are met, and Germans hold their Indian counterparts to the same standard. When it comes to business-related concerns, Germans dislike surprises. It is crucial to adhere to the established commitments and finish the duties on time if you want to avoid these problems. Being on time in Germany is not an option, it has to be followed

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Flexibility: Being flexible is a trait of Indians. Indians are often characterized as having rigid bones behind flexible souls. Indians usually show flexibility in all areas of life.  Germans prefer to follow standard procedures and are resistant to changes. Due to their tendency for meticulous planning, the Germans plan everything well in advance

Family: For most germans career comes after the family. Mostly in India, people tend to sacrifice their families for the betterment of their careers.

Cleanliness: In Germany, you can find all places to be very clean and tidy. You should keep your workplace clean and tidy.


Below are some key points of being a student or a resident in Germany :

  • Health insurance covers all the treatment no stress of health bills
  • Semester ticket covers traveling to different states no stress of booking tickets beforehand
  • Nobody can force you to work more than the specified working hours so no stress in managing professional and personal life
  • You earn enough money to lead a decent life
  • Germany is quite safe, no stress on roaming around late at night
  • Do personal stuff on your own
  • You can travel to other European countries easily

Not enough? Want to know more about the cultural differences between Germany and India? Don’t worry, we have handpicked a few videos from famous bloggers/content creators from India, who have been in Germany for more than 2 years. Below are some videos to help you find out more about the cultural difference between Germany and India :

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